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Highly skilled in various cranial surgeries like

- Traumatic brain injuries

- Cerebrovascular diseases

- Brain tumor surgeries

- Aneurysm clipping and bypass surgeries

- AVM excision

- Endoscopic endonasal transsphenoidal pituitary surgery

- Endoscopic surgeries for hydrocephalus and Brain cysts

- Brain stem surgeries


Highly skilled in various spine surgeries like

-Prolapsed lumbar disc : microdiscectomy and endoscopic procedure

- Cervical disc prolapse and myelopathy: microscopic discectomy and laminoplasty

- Anterior cervical microforaminotomy- Transcorporeal

- Craniocervical junction surgeries

- Spinal tumor surgeries

- Vascular lesions

- Traumatic spine injuries

- Infectious lesions like Tuberculosis of spine

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Dr Md Moshiur Rahman


I am practicing neurosurgery and helping patients find their way back to health. Various years of academic and hands-on experience have turned me into a responsible and hardworking Brain and Spine Surgeon. Please read below to learn about my experience as a practitioner.


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Dr Md Moshiur Rahman has been awarded 15,00 European CME Credits(ECMEC's) for his attendance at this event


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